Characteristics and Advantages

Reinforced PC/PEs grade: Low density, high rigidity, low CTE, good appearance

  • Proposal1 TMB1115: :High heat resistance, high rigidity grade
  • Proposal2 TMB1115H :High flow property, high rigidity grade
These grades are applicable to large size parts by the good heat stability
Property unit Conventional proposal 1 proposal 2
TMB1110 TMB1115 TMB1115H
Density g/㎤ 1.29 1.34 1.34
280℃ 2.16kgf
㎤/10min 7 23 37
Flexural Modulus GPa 3.2 4.1 4.3
114 120 114
-30 ~ 80℃ MD
10-5/℃ 6.0 4.4 4.8

Flow property

Application examples

Applicable components

  • Exterior applications; Roof rail, Garnish, Spoiler, Pillar and Fender

Proposal for the future

  • Light weight by the replace steel with the polycarbonate/polyester alloy grade
  • High flexibility of the design by using the plastic molding

Proposal; Reinforced Polycarbonate/Polyester alloy grade for Automotive exterior applications[PDF]527 KB)


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