Characteristics and Advantages

  • High modulus, high strength and light weight
  • Low water absorption and high Tg (>100℃)
  • Easy to process because of thermoplastics

*) MCC method based on JIS K7171

Flexural Modulus MPa 27,000 21,500 21,000
Flexural Strength MPa 421 379 401
Tensile Strength MPa 273 240 260
Charpy Impact Strength kJ/㎡ 8 9 9
Density g/㎤ 8 9 9
  • *)MCC method based on JIS K7171, K7161, K7111-1 and K7112
  • *)All technical information and data are typical values, and are not standard values.

Applicable components

  • Development of parts for high Tg instead of metal

Proposal for the future

  • Low water absorption, High Tg → More polymer parts
  • High strength, Injection molding → Less number of parts

Proposal: Carbon-Fiber Reinforced polyamide PYROFIL™ pellet NT-C-40 for light weight[PDF]481 KB)

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Resin Pyrofil™ Pellets


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