Characteristics and Advantages

  • Metamaterial-based lightweight sound insulators achieve the insulation performance beyond Mass Low.
  • Light weight up to 85%-off can be achieved while maintaining the insulation performance (Figure 1).
  • Insulation frequency is controllable, and especially applied to the frequency region under 1 kHz.
  • Our simple metamaterial structure is suitable for mass production (Figure 2).

Fig.1 Lightweight performance

“15dB” in TL measurement means weight reduction up to 85%-off of sound insulators.

Fig.2 Structure & Sample Sheet Photo


Applicable components

  • Improvement of cabin quietness by insulating various sounds generated from each part of the vehicle.

Proposal for the future

  • Our metamaterial sheet has a function as an acoustic filter. Applied to the accuracy improvement of the voice recognition technology.

Light Weight Sound Insulators for Low Tone Noise (based on Acoustic Metamaterial Technology)[PDF]554 KB)