Characteristics and Advantages

Characteristics of Chopped CF Reinforced Vinyl Ester

  • Quick cure press molding (2 minutes at 140℃ at 2mm thickness)
  • Excellent flow (Large and complex shape feasible)
  • Good mechanical properties (e.g.standard CF 53wt%)
    • Tensile strength 150MPa
    • Tensile modulus 30GPa


  • Light weight
  • Short cycle time
  • Complex parts and parts integration
  • Less material waste

Molding Process

Applicable components

  • Toyota PRIUS PHV - Back Door Inner (40% Light weight against AL parts. The number of parts reduced by 20%)
  • LEXUS LC500h - Side door inner/Luggage inner

Proposal for the future

  • Original metal parts replacement, e.g. Forged AL/steel parts, casted AL/steel parts)
  • Propose right design + Right process + Right material through development

Forged Molding Compound™[PDF]613 KB)

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