Characteristics and Advantages

  • Unmanned production by robot inline
  • Usable materials PC, COP and COC
  • Sputturing without undercoating process
  • Roughness: Less than Ra3nm, PV value: Less than 40μm
  • Reflectivity: More than 88%(Monolayer)/92%(Enhanced layer) between 420nm and 680nm

Asperical Mirror for HUD

Unmanned automation Process

Batch deposition process
Sputtering process with unmanned automation
  • Sputtering without undercoating process
  • Eliminate rolling stockyard
  • Unmanned automation is possible by robot inline


can adjust wavelength range(Enhanced layer condition:①to③)

  • Al monolayer
  • Enhanced layer condition①
  • Enhanced layer condition②
  • Enhanced layer condition③

Applicable components

  • Head up display

Proposal for the future

  • Cost reduction by material change from COP/COC to PC
  • Light weight and higher precision by material change from glass to resin
  • Cost reduction by process optimization

Aspherical mirror for HUD by unmanned automation[PDF]498 KB)


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