Characteristics and Advantages

DURABIO™ is a bio-based polycarbonate resin derived mainly from plant-based isosorbide. DURABIO™ features high transparency, excellent optical properties and outstanding scratch resistance.

VOC emission

※Mesured by MCC with following Japanese Automotive standards Organization standard

GWP(Global Warming Potential) kg CO2 eq
*Data as of March/2020(Plastics Europe's Eco-profiles)

Applicable components

  • Interior (Center and SW panels, shift lever upper, steering parts, meter hood, cup holder etc.)
  • Exterior (Radiator grille, pillar, sensor cover etc.)

Proposal for the future

Proposal for cost-reduction & sperior designability with environmental-friendly DURABIO™

  • For the future car's indoor residential space in the coming CASE era
  • For designability, functionality, comfort to appeal to the "sight" "hearing" "sense of touch" "sense of smell"
  • For high functional and large type center information display at instrument panel
  • For high functional and integrated parts(Ex. Radiator grill + Sensor ) at exterior

DURABIO™(Durable + BioPolymer) Plant-based/Environmentally-friendly High Functional Engineering Plastics①[PDF]630 KB)

DURABIO™(Durable + BioPolymer)Plant-based/Environmentally-friendly High Functional Engineering Plastics ②



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