The Display-type Plant Plant best suited for installing in shops or offices as decoration.




The Plant Plant can be installed in shops as display.
Offers the following merits when installed in shops:

  • Not affected by weather.
  • Effective use of soil by multi-level cultivation.
  • Water culture eliminates concerns about replant failure and soil contamination.
  • Can be installed in various locations such as desert, cold place, and underground.
  • Just-harvested freshness can be enjoyed.
  • Provides a sense of security to visitors as they can see the growing process.
  • As no packaging is required, waste processing costs can be reduced.
  • Vegetable price changes and procurement risks due to poor weather can be reduced.
  • Suitable for installing in offices other than decoration in shops, etc.



Example of construction work of Display-Type Plant Plant

KAITEKI CAFE (Otemachi Building 1F, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,)

Size: ≥0.5 m²
Yields:approx. ≥1.5 kg/time

Used as menu in shop.

Lineup / Specifications


Size: ≥0.5 m²
Harvest interval: approx. Once in 2 weeks
Yields:approx. ≥1.5 kg/time (Baby salad greens)

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