Ultraviolet curable resin is garnering widespread attention for its low-polluting, energy-saving properties and high productivity. Nippon Gohsei offers a wide lineup of such resin under the SHIKOH brand name, with a special emphasis on urethane acrylate oligomer. In addition to hard coating application, SHIKOH is suitable for use in a wide range of ink and adhesive applications. Nippon Gohsei's SHIKOH holds the key to the future of ultraviolet curable resin.
NOTE: SHIKOH is a registered trademark of The Nippon Synthetic Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (NIPPON GOHSEI).

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SHIKOH is a resin/coating compound, based on original technologies developed by NIPPON GOHSEI over many years. It is cured by exposure to ultraviolet light or an electron beam. This resin, whose main component is urethane acrylate, can demonstrate a wide range of properties, ranging from ultra-hard to flexible types, and as a UV coating, a UV binder or a UV adhesive for a variety of substrates. We also provide specialized coating compounds.



  • Hard types
    Plastic hard coatings, optical film hard coatings, metalizing hard coats, building material hard coatings, etc.
  • Medium to hard types
    Ink applications, flexible plastic coatings, weather-resistant plastic coatings, base- and mid-coating for building materials, etc.
  • Soft and elasticity types
    Information recording material adhesive agents, glass and metal adhesive agents, metalizing hard coatings, undercoats for building materials, etc.
  • Adhesive types (urethane acrylate/acryl-syrup)
    Masking films, fixatives for electronic materials, special varnishes, etc.

Lineup / Specifications


Hard type 4H to F

Medium-hard type F to 4B


Soft and Elastic Type B to 6B


Adhesive type (urethane acrylate) / (Acryl-syrup) (1) / (Acryl-syrup) (2)

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