• Water Soluble Filament MELFIL™ For FDM 3D Printer made by PVOH manufacturer.
  • Developed the most suitable material and in-house filamentized. All made in Japan!
  • Superior water solubility and printability.
  • Wide use as support material, water soluble model and so on.., depends on your ideas!

Product name   MELFIL™
Material   Butendiol Vinyl Alcohol Co-polymer (BVOH)
Diameter  1.75±0.07mm(2.85mm under developing)
Weight   500g
Spool   inside diameter45mm
Applicable material  PLA・ABS・PET-G・PA

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Water solubility

Compared to general PVOH support filament, MELFIL™ can be dissolve absolutely easily.


It is not necessary to change support materials for various main material. MELFIL™ supports ABS as well as PLA.
* When print MELFIL™ as support material, please use a double head printer.



As support material

You definitely need a support material when printing a complicated model.
MELFIL™ encourages you to print complicated and hollow model at once without troublesome assembly process!

If you have MELFIL™, you never need assemblage even with complicated model. You can print everything at once.

MELFIL™ is easily removed by water, you don’t need deburring. Even holly model can be printed.

As water soluble model

MELFIL™ can be applied for various water soluble models.

Adhesive model

Control solubility and buoyancy

MELFIL™ can stick to other models with water.

MELFIL™ can be controlled buoyancy and solubility by printing density.



The bed temperature shall be higher than 80℃. (preferable 80-100℃)

The nozzle temp. of MELFIL™ should be 190-210℃.

After printing MELFIL™, the nozzle should be completely purged with ABS or PLA, otherwise the remained MELFIL™ will harden and stuck inside the nozzle.

MELFIL™ is water soluble filament, therefore it will be solved if it gets wet. Please be careful of handling MELFIL™.

When you don’t use MELFIL™ for a while, make sure to keep it into a damp-proofing Aluminum bag. We strongly recommend you to keep it into a desiccator.

20 times weight of water to this material required for disposal (i.e. >20cc water to 1g MELFIL™) with a maximum of 2kg of MELFIL™ per day. When more MELFIL™ is to be used per day, professional organic effluent treatment will be required.

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