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Wasaouro™ is an anti-bacterial agent researched and developed to improve the non-perishability of food products and to retain their freshness by applying the anti-bacterial strengths of allyl mustard oil, which is found in wasabi.

LACRIS-S is a Bacillus coagulans for foods separated from the green malt, and with excellent characteristics not seen in general lactic acid bacteria.

RYOTO™ Sugar Ester is a food emulsifier that esterizes sucrose and fatty acids derivedextracted from plantsvegetables. The brand has various characteristics depending on the type of fatty acid and the degree of esterization, and is widely used in detergents and industrial application, starting with the field of foods.


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Erythritol is a sweetener classified as a sugar alcohol, and is a natural sugar found in fermented foods such as wines and rice wines as well as fruits and mushrooms. According to the energy evaluation methods of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, it is the only sugar with a recognized energy value of 0kcal/g in Japan.

Dextranase reduces polysaccharide viscosity by dissolving the dextran in juice in the sugar manufacturing industry. This greatly reduces labor.