Polycarbonate (PC)

  • Superior impact strength
  • Superior transparency
  • Usability in a wide range of temperatures: -40degC to 120degC
  • Excellent precision molding properties and dimensional stability
  • Superior self-extinguishing properties
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Excellent electrical insulation capabilities



Please see below application examples for Iupilon/NOVAREX/XANTAR polycarbonate resin .

  1. Automobile
    The product is used in automotive interiors and exteriors, for example, head lamp lenses.
  2. Electrical & Electronics
  3. General Industries
  4. LED components
    We offer PC grades used for LED lighting components, such as light diffusion plates, where the excellent light-transmitting and light-diffusing properties of polycarbonate resin are utilized.
  5. Electronic equipment requiring high thermal conductivity
    We have developed heat-conductive resins with relatively low specific gravities to meet recent requirements for heat measures.
  6. LDS(Laser Direct Structuring)

Function Appealing Grade

Polycarbonate and Special Polyamide Reny  for LDS Technology

High-dielectric resin

Polycabonate High thermal conductive resin

Transparent&High-Suraface-Hardness PC Iupilon K series

High-Surface-Hardness & Low Birefringence PC

Polycarbonate Automotive Door Handle Grades

Polycarbonate Automotive Light guide grade

Polycarbonate resin with excellent flowability for light guide plates

Transparent/ Light Diffusive Flame Retardant Polycarbonate for LED lighting

Iupilon/Novarex medical grades

Polycarbonate for drinking water bottle

Lineup / Specifications


Various grades with their own features are available, including flame-retardant ; non-bromine, non-phosphorus flame-retardant ; SAE-compliant ; glass fiber reinforced ; carbon fiber reinforced; low-warping ; low anisotropy ; gamma-ray-resistant ; light-diffusing, light-reflecting grade; light guide plate-grade; glasses lens grade; and camera lens grade.

See below for more detailed information.
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2) Fabrication
3) Product Design

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