Reny is our brand name of high performance polyamide compound reinforced with glass fiber, carbon fiber or mineral fillers, based on proprietary polyamides (mainly polyamide MXD6) developed by Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. Reny generally has he highest mechanical strength and modulus  in engineering plastics, most suitable for replacement of metal parts.

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Reny is our proprietary molding compound, based on mainly polyamide MXD6 (PAMXD6) developed by Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.
Polyamide MXD6 is a crystalline thermoplastic polymer, manufactured from m-xylylene diamine (MXDA) and adipic acid. It exhibits higher mechanical strength/modulus and lower water absorption, compared to polyamide-6 and polyamide-66. In particular, when reinforced by glass fiber or mineral fillers, such compounds display the highest strength/modulus in engineering plastics, serving for various demand fields.

Chemical structure of Polyamide MXD6

Special features

  • Excellent mechanical strength modulus over a wide range of temperatures
  • Lower water absorption compared to commodity polyamides showing decrease in dimensional and mechanical strength change under water absorption condition
  • High heat distortion temperature, low thermal expansion coefficient, equivalent to metal alloys
  • Excellent chemical resistance against oils and organic solvents
  • Low mold shrinkage and low warpage , suitable for precise mold articles
  • Good surface finish even in high glass fiber content



Reny is suitable as an alternative to metal in many applications, including automobiles, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, and construction.

1) Reny Long fiber reinfoced grade
2) Automobile parts

Function Appealing Grade

Polycarbonate and Special Polyamide Reny  for LDS Technology

Reny High thermal conductive resin

Reny Low Water Absororption Grades

Reny Long Fiber Reinfoced Grade

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