Iupital is a high-grade polyacetal (POM) resin using proprietary “copolymer” manufacturing technology of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. The integrated production system, which takes the raw material methanol through POM resin polymerization to the end product (pellet), enables us to consistently manufacture and supply high-quality products. To meet a wide range of customer requirements, Iupital is produced in a variety of grades. These include high-performance grades, which make Iupital ideal for applications in such fields as electronics, office automation (OA) equipment, automobiles and precision machinery.

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Polyacetal resin (or polyoxymethylene, abbreviation POM) is a crystalline plastic. It is known that there are two types of POM resin: homopolymer type, where the main chain consists oxymethylene groups (-CH2O-) repetitive chemical unit; and copolymer type, where comonomers are polymerized. Iupital is a copolymer type.

Chemical structure of Copolymer-type polyacetal resin

Special features

  • Well-balanced mechanical properties and high fatigue resistance
  • Excellent anti-creep properties
  • Excellent low friction and anti-wear properties
  • Wide range of operating temperatures
  • Superior chemical resistance against oil and organic solvents in wide range of temperature
  • Excellent thermal stability in molding



Iupital is used in a wide range of industries, ideal for precision machinery, automobile, office automation (OA) and electronics applications, for example.
For information about automotive components in which Iupital is used, see here.

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