The HISHIPLATE FM Series is a plastic plate listed in the FM4910 Clean Room Materials Flammability Test Protocol, and semiconductor / LCD production equipment and using the material can enjoy reduced insurance premiums for facilities, resulting in cost reductions.

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  • Ignition and fire propagation resistant
  • Small amount of smoke when ignited
  • Processing equivalent to normal industrial PVC plates possible
  • Chemical resistance under normal conditions of use equivalent to general-purpose industrial PVC plates
  • Three types available: General, heat resistant and heat resistant / transparent

Applicable standards


Cleanroom materials flammability test protocol

  • [Specification No.] FM Test Standard 4910
  • [Effective data] October 1, 1997

Test conditions

Flammability tests are conducted under certain conditions to find the following specifications:

  • Smoke Developed Index (SDI): 0.4 or less
  • Fire Propagation Index (FPI): 6.0 or less

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