Roofline system rain gutters offer the complete package of a total roof design and ease of gutter installation.


Roofit™ X1

We designed these rain gutters to integrate seamlessly with rooflines.
Roofit X1 metal rain gutters are the first product launched in this series.
These gutters fit seamlessly with roofs and rooflines as an attractive, yet fully functional product.

Roofit™ 15X

Roofit 15X metal gutters have a drainage cross section that 1.5 times larger than that of Roofit X1 to provide a higher drainage capacity.
This new series offers more versatility for use with apartments, condominiums, and large buildings in addition to residential homes.

Roofit™ CD/MD

Roofit CD/MD are low-cost gutters that offer an attractive design and suitable functionality.


  • Fits seamlessly with roofs and rooflines to create an attractive silhouette.
  • Large drainage capacity and easily installed.
  • Greatly improved weather resistance.
  • High strength thanks to excellent hanger design.

Arit™ A1

These metal rain gutters are designed to look natural when paired with the rooflines of Western-style homes that have a sophisticated look.


These metal rain gutters are suitable for both Japanese- and Western-style homes.

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