We offer a variety of rain gutters that fit with many different designs of homes. You can view gutter CAD data at the rain gutters website.


General Residential Rain Gutters

These rain gutters are available in many shapes, materials, colors, and variations to fit seamlessly with many types of home designs.


These square, parallel rain gutters combine the attractiveness of square gutters with the cost-effectiveness of round gutters.

Roofit™ SD

These gutters are compact and add a simple, elegant enhancement to rooflines.

Rain Gutters for Large BuildingMitsubishi Rain Gutters : Large-size Rain Gutter Series

Large-size rain gutters EX

We offer a comprehensive lineup of gutters in different materials and sizes to provide a solution for all kinds of tastes and applications, such as construction sites, warehouses, buildings, and condominiums.


  • Length adjustment processing reduced by up to 50% in comparison with conventional products.
  • Less deflection than conventional products.
  • Better antistatic performance than conventional products.
L Series
U Series
NP Series
Large Rain Gutters(Plastic film-laminated metal sheets)

These rain gutters are made with our HISHIMETAL™ [Open in a new window] to give these gutters excellent rigidity and corrosion resistance.

Dia Super Coil

Dia Super Coil is a processed material exclusively designed for creating roof channels and other weather applications requiring excellent durability. Both sides of the galvanized metal sheet are coated with a special polymeric resin using our unique production method.

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