HISIPLATE NEWTECH is made by continuous pressing process and its excellent quality enables to use it as industrial plate such as high technology area. We provide standard series of HISHIPLATE NEWTECH and the super series which have better impact strength.

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NEWTECH NT300 / NT200 Series


HISHIPLATE NEWTECH is produced by continuous-pressing method first developed in the industry. Along with the following features, this high-quality material has been optimized for use in the high-tech industry in such applications as semiconductor and LCD manufacturing equipment.

  • Has an excellent appearance, best suitable for applications requiring advanced appearance characteristics.
  • Gloss fading are kept low even after welding.
  • Vacuum forming with molding magnification of about 2 times possible.
  • Excellent thickness precision.
  • Production of custom dimension up to 3,500mm in length is possible.
  • Focus on economy based on continuous production system.

NT3000 / NT2000 Series

The NT3000 and NT2000 Series are high impact strength plates made of HISHIPLATE NEWTECH with excellent transparency(NT3000 Series) and ease of thermal processing. The products take advantage of continuous-pressing method and realize high transparency not available with conventional high impact strength plates.


  • Excels in shock resistance. Offers impact strength four times as much as that of HISHIPLATE NEWTECH NT300.
  • Realizes high transparency not available with conventional high impact strength plates.
  • Thanks to continuous press, able to reduce gloss fading after welding. Excellent finish with heat treatment.
  • Has superb chemical resistance, equivalent to rigid PVC plates.
  • Self-extinguishing material.

Examples of applications

  • Cover material for semiconductor / LCD manufacturing equipment
  • Cover and window material for various electronic instruments

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