HISHIMETAL HG incorporates galvanized steel sheets, stainless steel sheets, and aluminum sheets as a base material. HISHIMETAL HG is a composite material produced by laminating HG film onto the base material using our multi-layer extrusion technology.

This material is utilized primarily in door applications due to its many design options such as metallic designs and similar.




  • This material exhibits a high-luminance metallic appearance.
  • Embossing enables this material to have different types of textures such as a sharp gloss matte surface or the impression of profundity
  • This material can be used in typical metal forming processes such as bending, cutting, and pressing.
  • This material is utilized in applications that require weather resistance, such as doors.
  • This material has excellent scratch resistance.



HISHIMETAL HG is expected to be used in various applications due to its many design options.

  • Exterior applications
    : Doors
  • Other
    : Various types of equipment etc.

Manufacturing Range and Order Conditions



A lot of 2.5 tons or more is required to order a product having the same specifications such as the same sheet thickness, width, color and embossing.

  • *Please order in lots of at least 2.5 tons as special request lots smaller than this will require an extra fee.

Lead times

The standard lead time is 30 to 45 days. This can vary depending on the specification of the order.

  • *Specifications of new orders requires a confirmation procedure, and so we recommend placing new orders as early as possible.



Specific test Test conditions Criteria HISHIMETAL HG
Adhesion Conformal Erichsen
6 mm extrusion
25±5°C No separation Nothing abnormal
Bendability Adhesion and bending test 25±5°C, 0 T No cracking, breakage,
and separation
*2T bend
at low temperature
90° bend test 0±1°C, R=2 No cracking, breakage,
and separation
Nothing abnormal
Resistance to boiling water Dipping in boiling water Submerged in water for 5 minutes
after 60 minutes of immersion
No shrinkage, cracking, breakage, creasing, separation, and marked fading Nothing abnormal
Chemical resistance 5-minute immersion
10% hydrochloric acid No rust, stain, and marked fading Nothing abnormal
Saturated calcium hydroxide
10% sulfuric acid
Aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide (100 g/L)
Corrosion resistance Complies with salt spray test
JIS Z 2371
JIS K 6744
Type A: 2000 hours
No rust -
Nothing abnormal
JIS K 6744
Types B and C: 1,000 hours
Weather resistance Sunshine
, complies with JIS A 1415
JIS K 6744
Type A: 2000 hours
No rust, breakage, and marked fading Nothing abnormal
JIS K 6744
Type B: 1500 hours
Self-extinguishability Gas burner heating for 20 seconds Extinguishes immediately Extinguishes immediately within 10 seconds
  1. *1 The data described above represents the specified values in our company and does not represent guaranteed values.
  2. *2 Please contact us to inquire on the certification of fire-resistant materials.

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