Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Congratulations on joining us. The 21st century is indeed the age of chemistry. Society is advancing as digital technologies progress to enable AI, IoT, and self-driving, which would be impossible without the development of the chemical industry. On the downside, society is being confronted by global-scale challenges, such as climate change and environmental pollution. I believe that the chemical industry can solve such global problems, and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) will play its role for this purpose. 

MCC has previously built its business centering on general-purpose plastics, chemicals, fibers/textiles, and other industrial materials supporting social infrastructure. More recently, we have been developing and commercializing products that help to enable a circular economy to promote sustainability. Such products include biodegradable plastics, plant-based plastics, carbon fiber and other lightweight materials for energy saving, and artificial photosynthesis systems. 

MCC is a member of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC) Group, which is pursuing a vision to realize KAITEKI, meaning the sustainable well-being of people, society, and our planet Earth. As such, we share this vision, and also aim to leverage synergies through engaging with other members in technologies, sales, research and development, and other functions in different ways. Keep our inclusion in the MCHC Group in mind when doing your job, and pursue dynamic collaboration.

Key New Employee Considerations

(1)Put safety first 

At MCC, we are all about safety and operational stability. Make safety your top priority in everything you do through your practical and other training.

(2)Fearlessly learn and communicate

You should be a self-learner, a constant, hard worker, and try with insatiable energy to broaden your horizons. I want you to fearlessly communicate your fresh insights and drive our organization forward. 

(3)Be mature

You should act in a manner befitting of a normal adult when greeting others, as well as when apologizing, expressing gratitude and showing respect to them. 

We look forward to combining your capabilities and those of MCC so we can transform the company into a global leading enterprise. 

(Number of new employees: 211)

Corporate Communications Div.,
The Mitsubishi Chemical Group
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