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Congratulations on joining us.

The 21st century is indeed the age of chemistry; progress in various technologies has contributed wonderfully to social progress over the years. The downsides, however, have been global warming and the issue of ocean plastic. I believe that the chemical industry can resolve such global problems.


In cultivating businesses that center on industrial materials supporting the social infrastructure and performance products, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) is developing products and technologies that foster sustainability. Examples include biodegradable plastics and artificial photosynthesis.


It is in that spirit that today we launched the Circular Economy Department. As well as steering efforts to lower our environmental impact, this new unit will accelerate initiatives to provide solutions through our technologies, products, and services. In my view, such endeavors are both missions and sources of pride.


Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC) is pursuing a vision to realize KAITEKI, which means the sustainable well-being of people, society, and our planet Earth. We aim to leverage synergies from the MCHC Group of which we are a part, engaging with other members in technologies, sales, research and development, and other respects. Keep our inclusion in the MCHC Group in mind in doing your job.


Key New Employee Considerations

(1)   Put safety first

At MCC, we are all about safety and operational stability. Make safety your top priority in everything you do through your practical and other training.


(2)   Fearlessly learn and communicate

You should be a self-learner, insatiably broadening your horizons while you are still young. I want you to take advantage of your youth to fearlessly communicate your insights and drive our organization forward.


(3)   Be mature

Compliance is not rocket science. Act as befitting a normal adult in greeting others or apologizing or expressing gratitude to them.


We need your vitality as young employees to help our organization change. We look forward to combining your capabilities and those of MCC so we can become a world-class solutions provider around the globe.

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