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Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC; Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Masayuki Waga) today announced an agreement with Nitto Seiko Co., Ltd. (Nitto Seiko; Head office: Ayabe-shi, Kyoto; President: Masami Zaiki) to transfer all shares of MCC’s subsidiary Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech Co., Ltd. (MCAT; Head office: Yamato-shi, Kanagawa; President: Motokuni Ishimaru) to Nitto Seiko in April 2020.

MCAT operates a wide range of businesses in Japan and overseas that encompass manufacturing, sales, and maintenance of analysis-related instruments, in particular elemental analyzers, moisture meters, and resistivity meters.

Nitto Seiko’s main businesses are industrial fasteners (screws), assembly machines, and control systems. It is the industry’s leading manufacturer of a diverse range of industrial fasteners. It is also the only manufacturer in the world that provides total solutions addressing the full spectrum of needs from screws through automated assembly systems to control and inspection.

In recent years, Nitto Seiko has been actively expanding its business domain by extending its network of operational bases in Japan and overseas and by conducting mergers and acquisitions. Its control system business in particular is expected to achieve yet more growth globally in sectors such as chemicals, shipbuilding, food products and pharmaceuticals, and petroleum refining. Accordingly, Nitto Seiko has set a policy of further expediting its efforts to augment this business.

MCC undertakes portfolio reform in line with the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group’s APTSIS 20 medium-term management plan. As part of the reform, it has now reached this agreement with Nitto Seiko regarding the transfer of MCAT shares. As Nitto Seiko targets global growth and expansion led by the control system business, the company’s management believes that incorporating MCAT’s businesses into its portfolio promises synergies such as expansion of sales into new sectors and industries, and faster new product development, as well as sustainable growth of the control system business.

Overview of Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech Co., Ltd.
Business activities: Development, manufacturing, sales, and maintenance of analysis-related instruments
Head office: Yamato-shi, Kanagawa, Japan
Established: April 1979
Representative: Motokuni Ishimaru, President
Capital:  335 million yen
Sales:  Approx. 3.2 billion yen (during the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019)
No. of employees: 111 (as of March 31, 2019)

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The Mitsubishi Chemical Group
  • TEL:+81-3-6748-7140

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