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Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC; Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Masayuki Waga) today announced that Japan  Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. (Japan Pulp and Paper; Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Akihiko Watanabe) will launch sales of paper cups made with MCC’s BioPBS™ plant-derived and biodegradable plastic in October.

MCC developed BioPBS™and holds its basic patent. BioPBS™ is manufactured by PTT MCC Biochem Company Limited (Head office: Bangkok, Thailand; President: Ryuichiro Sugimoto), a 50-50 joint venture between MCC and PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited. This environmentally friendly material is broken down by living microorganisms in soil and decomposes into water and carbon dioxide. Based on the material’s high heat resistance, high flexibility, and high heat seal strength as well as its biodegradability, Japan Paper and Pulp decided to use it as the laminate on the inner surface of paper cups in place of conventional polyethylene.

MCC has developed applications for BioPBS™ not only in conventional items such as compost bags and agricultural mulch films, but also developed a broader range of new applications in coffee capsules, paper cups, straws, and other food-related products. The company is already in discussions with several major overseas fast-food chains.

Moving toward the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group’s vision, “Realizing KAITEKI*,” MCC continues to accelerate research and development and expand applications of biodegradable and plant-derived plastics including BioPBS™ to help establish a recycling-oriented society and achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

*KAITEKI means “the sustainable well-being of people, society and our planet Earth.” It is an original concept of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group that proposes a way forward in the sustainable development of society and the planet, in addition to serving as a guide for solving environmental and social issues.

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