We at Mitsubishi Chemical sometimes receive inquiries from external parties who wish to make a proposal of a new product, technology, design, names, or marketing activity in the form of an idea, note, picture, concept, or the like (hereinafter collectively referred to as a ("proposal").

However, because we also conduct our own research and development activities in various fields day by day, such situation may possibly occur as that an idea developed independently and a proposal received from an external party are incidentally similar.

To avoid a situation in which any misunderstanding or dispute between the party and Mitsubishi Chemical arises as a result of such coincidence, we have set the following policy in place regarding proposals received from external parties.

In principle, Mitsubishi Chemical does not accept any offer regarding such proposals from external parties

Please note that, if an external party makes a proposal to Mitsubishi Chemical in spite of the aforementioned policy, such proposal shall be deemed as made in agreement on the following conditions:

  • We shall not guarantee if we make any review or evaluation on the proposal;
  • We shall not bear any obligation to make any response to the proposal;
  • We shall not bear any responsibility including monetary compensation, even if a product or service of Mitsubishi Chemical is found similar or identical, in partial or in full, to the proposal;
  • We shall not bear any confidentiality obligation on the proposal; and
  • We shall not bear any obligation to return any materials related to the proposal.