Mitsubishi Chemical, as a core operating company of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC) Group, seeks to provide solutions to issues facing society and the environment, and achieve KAITEKI- a condition that contributes to sustainable development that is optimal for people, society, and the Earth.. Our fundamental management policies to these ends are set out below.

  1. 1.Meeting the Expectations of Stakeholders

    We will meet the expectations of all stakeholders by creating new value and services, and by accelerating innovation with technologies such as ICT (information and communications technologies), IoT (Internet of Things), and AI (artificial intelligence).

  2. 2.Utilizing People's Capabilities

    We will practice Health Management, and conduct business by empowering all Group members to engage in their work with enthusiasm, self-motivation, and initiative and to demonstrate their individual capabilities to the full, and by promoting diversity in human resources as a positive force.

  3. 3.Achieving Sustainable Growth

    We will build a business model capable of sustainable growth by seamlessly combining the tangible and intangible assets accumulated in a wide range of business operations, from raw materials to end products and services, and by carrying out thoroughgoing portfolio management.

  4. 4.Enhancing Manufacturing or "Monozukuri" Capabilities

    Upon the foundation of safe and stable operations, we will draw on all elements involved in our business including production, R&D, sales, purchasing, and logistics, and by sharing issues and goals, will enhance our manufacturing capabilities and raise productivity.

  5. 5.Strengthening Global Management

    We will aim to be a global corporate group that achieves sustainable growth, by gathering a wide range of information from business activities rooted in each country, and providing solutions to issues facing people, society, and the Earth.

By putting into practice these fundamental policies based on Safety First in operations, environmental protection, full compliance, respect for human rights, and fair business activities, Mitsubishi Chemical Group will aim a company that is trusted by the society.