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We are accelerating our growth by solving social and global issues. As issues such as climate change, water resource shortages, increasing population and aging, and food and agriculture problems increasingly diversify, our business domains in these related fields will collaborate to provide comprehensive solutions.

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Basic Petrochemicals

Our ethylene plants are located in Kashima and Mizushima* in Japan. We provide olefins such as ethylene and propylene, and aromatics such as benzene and toluene to various derivative product plants and to other customers in and outside the industrial complex. The plants also supply utilities including electricity, steam and gas for all of our production sites.

  • *The Mizushima ethylene plant is owned by Asahi Kasei Mitsubishi Chemical Ethylene, which is jointly owned by Asahi Kasei and Mitsubishi Chemical.

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Our polyolefin (polyethylene and polypropylene) business offers high quality and high performance product lineups in a wide range of fields including automobiles, electrical wires, medical devices and food packaging based on proprietary catalyst and process technologies. We are also expanding its business outside Japan as a global supplier of high performance materials while developing the growing global markets including the automotive industry.

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Chemical Derivatives

We mainly produce ethylene derivatives such as ethylene oxide and ethylene glycols; propylene derivatives such as acrylic acid and octanol; C4 derivatives such as 1,4-butanediol, GBL and NMP; and terephthalic acid which is made from paraxylene.

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Coke supports the global steel industries, and various products are also produced from the tar created by the coke manufacturing process. In addition, carbon black is a material used for products found in daily life, such as tires, printing ink, and colorants for plastics.

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For MMA(methyl methacrylate)monomers, a raw material used in acrylic resins, we are the only company that employs all three main manufacturing methods* and are the largest MMA manufacturer in the world. With a globally established supply system that takes advantage of raw material availability for individual plants and cost competitiveness, we are realizing the most advanced and sophisticated operations.

  • *Acetone cyanohydrin (ACH) method, C4 direct oxidation process, and new ethylene process (alpha technology)

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Acrylic resin has various excellent characteristics such as superior transparency, strong weatherability and formability. We operate business with a variety of PMMA products including acrylic sheets for signs, display shelves and aquarium tanks, molding materials for automotive products, optical components and home electronic parts, and plastic optical fibers.

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Acrylonitrile & Derivatives

With AN (Acrylonitrile) and its derivative AAM (Acrylamide), as well as the hydrocyanic acid derivative ACH and chelate as its base, we are promoting our business of unique products such as industrialized biocatalyst for AAM production and metal catalyst for AN production, ahead of the world.

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Advanced Polymers

Performance Polymers

Performance polymers - which realize functions and features that match targeted applications by compounding (with reactive processing) various components such as modifying polymers, functional monomers, plasticizers or fillers to conventional polymers - will provide products that meet customer needs in a wide range of fields. We also proactively promote M&A and enhance our technologies by setting two growth strategies: "expanding new technologies/products" and "gaining diverse demands from all over the world".

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Engineering Polymers

Various engineering plastics such as polycarbonates and polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) are applied in a wide range of fields, including electronic and automotive applications. This business, which already boasts top-class market share in Asia, is being expanded globally by integrating our proprietary manufacturing process technologies with polymer design technologies and compound technologies.

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Sustainable Resources

We are developing environmentally friendly plant-based polymers, and polybutylene succinate (PBS) is leveraged in various fields such as biodegradable food packaging materials. In addition, bio-based engineering plastics - which provide excellent impact resistance, heat resistance, weatherability and transparency - are used for products such as optical components and automobile materials for interior and exterior.

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High Performance Chemicals

Performance Chemicals

We handle coating materials and paints focusing on acrylic polymers. We are committed to globally providing value to customers, while being conscious of sustainability, with paints, inks, adhesives, hair care materials, and resist materials for semiconductors based on advanced technologies of synthesis, formulation, and evaluation.

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Performance Materials

We are providing valuable performance products derived from our distinctive and versatile technological platform, from organic chemistrybased on epoxies and acrylics-to silicon based inorganic chemistry, aiming at a wide range of markets such as civil engineering, construction, automotive, and information and electronics. Our commitment is to keep leveraging innovation with our product development.

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Food Ingredients

We have expanded our business to a wide range of fields from food to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics in product groups such as emulsifiers-represented by our sugar ester which boasts the world's top market share-vitamin E, shelf-life extenders, fermented products (lactic acid bacteria, enzyme preparations, sweeteners), polysaccharides and natural colorants. Under the key phrases of "safe and secure" and "tasty and healthy", we will contribute to world food through our technical strengths and quality assurance that provide various added value and solutions.

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Electronics & Displays

Optical Films

We produce optical films such as bi-axial oriented polyester film featuring well-balanced characteristics such as transparency, mechanical properties and heat resistance, optical clear adhesive sheets which improves the visibility for touch panels, and polyolefin high reflection sheets which contributes to increase brightness from small to large size liquid crystal display backlights. We will continue toward the advancement of displays by responding quickly to globally expanding markets and increasing needs.

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Information & Electronics Materials

Our global business development covers a wide range of materials for displays and semiconductors, precision cleaning of manufacturing equipment parts, storage materials such as optical discs, and components for copiers and printers. We focus on the development and marketing of products and services that satisfy the needs of customers.

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We leverage the strengths of the acetyl chain manufacturing and selling various derivatives produced from vinyl acetate monomer. We provide polyvinyl alcohol film (OPL film) indispensible for Liquid Crystal Display polarizers and next-generation materials including multifunctional water-soluble resin and high-performance materials satisfying both plastic processability and biodegradability.

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High Performance Films

We offer products with added functionalities such as gas barrier property, weather resistance, moisture permeability, easy-opening, applied through the optimal combination of technologies including polymer material design, material processing, surface treatment and composition. These applications are used in familiar items such as food packaging, medical packaging, electronic parts, automobiles and building materials. Our strength in developing technologies to realize optimal solutions that meet a diverse range of needs are trusted and highly evaluated by customers around the world.

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Advanced Moldings & Composites

High Performance Engineering Plastics

The Quadrant Group offers engineering plastics as a leading global manufacturer with business sites in 21 countries. It develops business in a wide range of fields such as industrial machinery, automobiles, aircrafts, and medical use. The Group supports product development for customers including design, material selection, prototype creation, evaluation and mass production.


In the field of fibers, we take advantage of our unique polymer design and spinning technologies, centering on acrylic, acetate and polypropylene fibers. We develop materials aiming to enable users to enjoy functions such as moisture-absorbing heat generation, light-absorbing heat generation, antistatic, water absorption and quick-drying. There are a wide range of applications from ladies wear, underwear and sportswear, to bedding, interior and industrial materials.

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Carbon Fiber & Composite Materials

We have realized one of the most integrated product chains in the world, covering from PAN-based and pitch-based carbon fibers to intermediates and composite products using fibers as base materials. The business extensively covers fields such as sporting goods, industrial materials, aircraft, automotive and environmental products. We have been focusing on the automobile, wind power generation and pressure vessel markets that are expected to see an increase in demand in the near future. In addition, we produce our own golf-club shafts.

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Functional Moldings & Composites

Our expertise spans diverse areas including material design, processing and molding, composite, and highly functional and advanced design technologies. Utilizing these technologies, we offer a variety of products such as aluminum composite material, plastic film-laminated steel sheets, building materials, polyurethane systems, partitions, injection molded products and industrial-use plates.

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Alumina Fibers
Light Metal Products

Alumina fibers manufactured with our proprietary technology provide outstanding heat insulating properties, heat resistance, wind resistance and cushioning properties. Applications include substrate support mat for automotive catalytic converters and DPFs, and heat insulation material for furnaces used in steelworks. In addition, by fully leveraging our expertise accumulated through aluminum smelting, we are fully engaged in casting aluminum alloy for manufacturing and selling processed products.

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Environment & Living Solutions

Aqua Solutions

We offer solutions that match users' needs through the sales of various materials such as water treatment chemicals, membranes and ion exchange resins, the design and sales of water treatment systems, and process development. Accelerating synergy among business divisions, we cover the total water treatment process from drinking water to wastewater, aiming to provide solutions on a worldwide basis to any and all water-related issues.

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Separator & Refinement Solutions

We provide refining process systems in a wide range of fields such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals and foods by leveraging our separation and purification technologies accumulated over many years. We are increasing our efforts in the development of new products and proposing various separator solutions such as dehydrated concentrated zeolite membranes for foods which can be dehydrated and concentrated without the use of heat, and synthetic zeolites which can absorb and regenerate moisture even at low temperatures.

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We offer agricultural materials such as high performance films with outstanding durability for greenhouses, and plant factories. The plant factory is a system which enables stable, year-round supply of high quality vegetables by minimizing influences from the natural environment. We provide two types of plant growing systems - fully artificial light and one using sunlight - and provide support from design to construction and cultivation guidance.

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Infrastructure Solutions

We contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by providing a wide range of products that help solve social and environmental issues, such as building equipment and piping materials for creating a comfortable living environment; logistics materials and various kinds of adhesive tapes; civil engineering materials to protect communities from disasters; repair and reinforcement materials to extend the life of bridges and roads, and artificial turf that contributes to the improvement of sports infrastructure.

New Energy

Lithium-ion Battery Materials

We provide formulated electrolyte and anode materials which are key materials for lithium-ion batteries. To respond to the increasingly sophisticated needs of customers, we have developed materials that will contribute to the performance of batteries with improved capacity, power, safety, and durability, and we are providing them via our global supply system. These materials are widely used for automotive batteries with a focus on electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as residential- and industrial-use stationary batteries.

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Energy Transduction Materials

We provide unique high-performance products to meet a diverse range of customer needs. These include phosphors used in LED lighting and display devices, and scintillators required for medical diagnostic imaging devices and non-destructive testing equipment.

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As of May 21, 2018