Structural Reinforcement Materials

Structural Reinforcement Materials

Compared with conventional steel plate or concrete-jacketed reinforcements, REPLARK simplifies construction and shortens construction period by eliminating the need for heavy machinery. For its high strength, lightweight, high durability, and excellent workability, REPLARK has earned an outstanding reputation for the repair and reinforcement of bridge piers, floorboards, columns, chimneys, and for other structural applications.

e-Plate/Leadline: This repair and reinforcement material enables reinforcement by simply attaching or embedding prefabricated carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP), without the need for resin impregnation or for layering the required amount of reinforcement, as in the case of repair and reinforcement using carbon fiber sheets, thereby reducing construction time and improving construction quality.


Carbon fiber has a specific gravity about 1/4 that of steel, so there is almost no increase in frame weight due to its application.
It is also about 10 times stronger than steel, and on top of this, its high elasticity reduces the stress load on the reinforcing steel.
It does not rust and is ideal for corrosive environments (subject to salt damage, for example), it is highly resistant to fatigue, and it can be applied in various shapes.

Image of the features of reinforcement materials for structural applications

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